(1) It enjoys a complete R&D team and has its own technologies
With over a decade of radar developing experience, the technical team has its own technologies. Through industry-academic cooperation, the company has successfully developed its originally designed radar chip (TSMC), and has plans to continue to optimize the products to achieve AEC’s international standard requirements in terms of car specifications. Key parts and components are also scheduled to be under the company’s control. At the same time, Cub Elecpart is capable of adjusting the design parameters to meet the clients’ demands in terms of functions and price related to system designs.
(2) Diversification of radar products
Cub Elecpart has developed 24GHz, 77GHz, and 79GHz Millimeter Wave Radars that are good for BSD radars, RCTA radars, DOW radars, LCA radars, AEB system, ACC system, and Stop-and-go system. Our radar products with different functions can all share one set of radar hardware. All the users need is to upgrade their software to achieve the desired functions.
(3) A complete lineup of developing equipment and automated production line
Cub Elecpart has high precision tools and equipments, including 24GHz and 77GHz spectrum analyzer, network analyzer, signal generator, radar signal analyzer, anechoic chamber, all sorts of antennae, and circuit design software.
Meanwhile, the company has set up two 24GHz/77GHz fully automated radar production lines specifically for car specifications, one in Changhua, Taiwan; the other one in Pudong, Shanghai. This will sufficiently meet our customers’ quality and quantity demands.


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